About Me

My Background

After watching my father the late Beverly Raymond Retter Jr. who enjoyed  sketching regularly after a hard days work, I caught the drawing bug. At age four years old I was reprimanded almost daily for drawing on the walls, floors and bed sheets. Anything solid became my canvas. I was selected to represent my Elementary School in the National Be Kind to Animals Poster Contest, where I was partnered with a University of Louisville Senior as a mentor. I won the State Competition. 

I Attended Kentucky State University and went on to become a successful  local fashion designer, catering to Louisville socialites. 

My true recognition as an artist came when I was introduced to Internationally acclaimed artist Dr. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Who became a personal friend and mentor.

I am also the resident bedside artist in the recreational therapy department at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. 

My Medium

My medium is acrylics along with my stylized pointillism technique. Dots incorporated into each and every painting that I create. Adding both depth and movement. Such as in this painting  "Cock Fight in the Hen House".

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from all of the special people that God himself has placed in my life such as: the Attorney's,

Teachers, University Professor's, Community out reach Director, Makeup Artist, Framer, Dentist, Board members, Doctors,Theosophist

Art supply stores, Museum Director, Parents, My Family, My Arizona Families, Photographer, Humanities Department, my Supervisor,

my Tailor , The Molly Lawson Foundation The late Internationally known artist Dr. Eugene Grisgsby Jr. both my mentor and my friend.

Each and every person being a building block that allows me to reach higher, trusting in my creativity and my ability to see the beauty that surrounds me.

A smile from a child, a hello from a stranger, the ability to recognize and to feel love.

The beauty of a tree swaying in the breeze, people being kind one to another, really gets my brotherly love juices flowing.

When I am with my United Art of Arizona artist creating art together as one, their disabilities are always over shadowed by their eagerness to give their all.

Joy and laughter and dancing music and singing is a constant that happens when the artist are in their zone feeling exceptionally good in their creative moment. 

It is always a joy to see the look that comes across faces of the artist when they sell one of their creations or when they are awarded first place ribbons

and or money from the Sister Cities International Competition for Artist with disabilities where the artist compete with artist from around the world.

United art of Arizona has won in multiple categories continuously over the years.

Even more than that it is all about the looks on both the parents and the public when they see our art exhibits many times they are left speechless at 

the degree of the son's and daughters artistic growth and their attention to detail.

It's all about releasing the love that flows so freely from one another and it's spoken regularly throughout the sessions.

Love is the force behind the power that allows me to give of myself to others, I know that my purpose on this earth is to

lift up the lives of each and every person that I meet showing compassion, letting my light shine!!!!